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Since 2004, BariMD has been dedicated to providing bariatric healthcare professionals with innovative resources, consultative services and comprehensive training.

AfterCARE Resources

It's Never Been Done Before! BariMD's afterCARE resources make it easy.Learn more

Program Implementation

BariMD has been implementing bariatric programs since 2004. Utilize our expertise to get your bariatric program up and running in months, not years.Contact Us Today!

Center of Excellence Audit

We will assess your program and facilities, share feedback and help prepare you for your actual site inspection.Reserve a Date Today!
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Take patient care the distance with these turn-key solutions. BariMD makes it easy.
Center of Excellence Site Audit
Whether it is an initial inspection or recertification, BariMD can help you to be prepared.
Program Implementation
Establish a bariatric program from beginning to end in months, not years.
Read the latest perspectives from leaders in the bariatric professional community and share your thoughts.
Outcomes Database
Drive process efficiency, track patient interactions, maintain records and standardize processes.
Website Development
Engage and acquire patients today. BariMD will fully design and develop your website to educate your patients as well as enhance your patient volume.
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