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Ten Steps to Lifelong Weight Loss and Management Success
Thu Jun 15
5:00 pm -
6:00 pm
Herrin Hospital
Ten Steps to Lifelong Weight Loss and Management Success


Maintaining long-term weight loss maintenance after bariatric surgery is not a guarantee. While the initial weight loss period following surgery is easy in the first year, if positive lifestyle and eating patterns are not put in place, weight regain can be inevitable. Long-term weight loss success depends on engaging in simple, but extremely important tasks on a daily basis. It is interesting to note that naturally thin people report practicing these same skills to maintain their weight. During this event, we will discuss the ten steps to life long weight loss and management success.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify habits that help to maintain weight long-term.
  2. Discuss how successful people practice each of these habits.
  3. Learn through discussion with others how to incorporate these habits into your own life.