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How to Be Your Own Advocate Without Feeling Guilty
Susan Dyer LPN
Mon Oct 2
5:30 pm -
6:30 pm
MBS Columbia
How to Be Your Own Advocate Without Feeling Guilty


Before undergoing weight loss surgery (WLS), did you have the tendency to put other people’s needs before your own? This tendency ultimately leads to feelings of low self esteem, decreased self care activities, and an increase in unhealthy comfort measures to compensate. This can all lead to increased weight gain and associated chronic illness. After WLS, it is imperative for you to challenge and change this way of thinking and become your own self-advocate. Success hinges on being able to perform the activities that are supportive of your new WLS lifestyle. Putting yourself first may not be easy and may lead to feelings of guilt, especially if family and friends rebel at this change in your behavior. You may need to be educated and reassured that taking care of yourself and improving your health will benefit everyone in the long run.


During this support group event, we will explore the importance of “being your own advocate” in order to increase your success after WLS. We will explore what triggers feelings of guilt and how to challenge and change this mindset. We will discuss easy steps to undertake to begin advocating for your needs without feeling guilty or selfish.

After this support group, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss your beliefs about self-advocacy, self-care, and personal triggers of guilt and self-doubt.
  2. Identify the physical and mental consequences of not adhering to post-WLS guidelines because of feeling guilty, doubtful, or ashamed.
  3. Define personal life rules you have decided to hold as non-negotiable.
  4. Practice saying “no” gracefully and without feeling badly.
  5. Identify three self-affirming activities to incorporate into your life to bolster feelings of self-worth and confidence.