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Plateau or Maintenance - What is the Difference?
Lisa Schaffer RN BSN CBN
Mon Feb 5
5:30 pm -
6:30 pm
MBS Suite 100 (1000 W Nifong Bldg 2)
Plateau or Maintenance - What is the Difference?


Do you feel like you have hit a plateau? Are you at your goal? Is this just a temporary holding pattern or have you reached the point that ‘you are there’ and it is time to turn to maintenance? Join us for this interactive support group to determine where you are in your weight loss journey. You will have the opportunity to distinguish the difference between a plateau and shifting your focus to weight maintenance. It will also be a time to reassess your goals and determine your individual motivation level.

After this support group, patients will be able to:

  1. Identify non-scale victories and scale victories to determine if you are in a plateau or maintenance.
  2. Assess your motivation level to change.
  3. Describe ways to move forward to continue to lose weight or begin maintenance.