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My Life is in Flux
Lisa Schaffer RN BSN CBN
Mon Dec 4
5:30 pm -
6:30 pm
Woodrail Suite 210
My Life is in Flux


Life is like a mobile; it’s difficult to impact one area and not impact other areas. Often times losing a significant amount of weight has unanticipated ramifications some of them less than positive such as jealousy, saboteurs and unexpected attention from others. During this support group, participants will build mobiles to represent feelings, thoughts, relationships, disappointments, celebrations, etc. following bariatric surgery. We will demonstrate and discuss how different amounts and types of touch impact the mobile differently.

  1. Identify areas in your life that have been impacted by your weight loss.
  2. Discuss the unanticipated negative and positive ramifications of weight loss.
  3. Learn to accept that not every change after weight loss is anticipated.