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Upcoming Events

Event Name
Protein Shake Competition
Jim Jones, RD
Mon Aug 27
7:00 pm -
8:30 pm
Cafeteria Banquet Room
Protein Shake Competition


Are you tired of the “same ole’” protein shake? Do you want to meet your protein goals but are unsure of what to put in your protein shake to make it taste good? Join us for a support group where we will provide a variety of ingredients and let YOU come up with your own creation. You’ll be able to try mixtures of familiar and possibly unfamiliar ingredients to ultimately come up with a shake that’s not only tasty but nutritious too. Everyone will break up into groups to collaborate and come up with one protein shake that will be judged on taste, consistency, and nutrition content. The winning group will receive a prize and will have their winning recipe posted for all to see. Through this competition, you’ll learn what ingredients to look for and how best to combine them to create a delicious and nutritious protein shake that will help you meet your nutrition goals.

After this support group, participants will be able to:      

1. Identify a variety of protein shake ingredients that can be combined to create a desirable flavor and consistency.

2. Discuss creative ways to prevent boredom with protein supplements.

3. Learn which ingredients to include to increase the nutritional content of the protein shake.


Past Events

Event Name
Information Session
Dr. McDoogle
Sat Aug 11
10:00 am -
12:00 pm
Auditorium A
Information Session


We invite you to attend our upcoming information session.  We host Information Sessions for individuals (and their friends and families!) interested in learning more about the surgical weight loss options available at Freedom Bariatrics. You'll also learn about our program requirements and how to navigate the insurance approval process.  Before we can schedule your consultation with our surgeons, you must attend a mandatory Information Session.  We hope to meet you and answer any questions you may have to determine if bariatric surgery is for you.

1. Assess if you meet the health requirements for bariatric surgery.
2. Identify the preoperative process.
3. Learn about the various bariatric surgical procedures.
4. Discuss how to navigate the insurance approval process.
5. Familiarize yourself with the Freedom Bariatrics surgeons, multidisciplinary staff and bariatric program.

Body Image: Learning to Accept Yourself
Kayla Jacobs, PsyD
Tue Aug 14
12:00 pm -
1:00 pm
Virtual: Dial 888-808-9000
Body Image: Learning to Accept Yourself


Body image is always a sensitive subject.  Many people have a distorted perception of their own physical appearance.  They have constant anxiety about the shape of their bodies and their imperfections. In our culture, we are led to believe that we can’t be happy unless we are thin. Many equate the presence of fat on our bodies as a sign of weakness and of not being worthy enough.

While self-esteem is about how a person values and takes pride in him or herself, body image is how someone feels about his or her own physical appearance. The two are closely connected because how you feel about yourself can influence how you act in front of others. Feelings about body inadequacies can distort our sense of self thereby negatively impacting our relationships with others and with ourselves. 

Join us for this support group to understand the powerful influences on body image and what you can do to respect and treat your body and self in the way you deserve.

After this support group, patients will be able to:      

  1. Distinguish body image and self-esteem.
  2. Understand the influences underlying poor body image.
  3. Identify practical ways to improve body image and respect one’s body.