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Ways to Get Past the Exercise Excuse
Lindsey House, RD
Thu Mar 12
6:00 pm -
7:00 pm
St. E FLO Lower Level Conference Room
Ways to Get Past the Exercise Excuse


How can I turn 'I can't' into 'I can' when it comes to exercise?  Many of us have a variety of reasons for not exercising on a regular basis.  Exercise does take action.  So when are you going to take the first step?  And if you already have, are you doing what you need to do?  Exercise will no longer be a 'dirty word' but instead it will become fitness for life as part of the healthy, new you.  Join us for this support group to learn ways to make fitness a part of your life that you actually enjoy.  You will have time to explore your personal excuses and create an action plan for your long-term fitness success.

After this support group, patients will be able to:

  1. Examine the 'excuses' that keep you from establishing a consistent exercise regimen.
  2. Discuss reasonable suggestions for accessing and participating in activities which promote increased physical fitness.
  3. Verbalize one opportunity in your own life to increase your personal physical activity.