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Maintaining Privacy in a Very Public Weight Loss
Michele Lubin RD
Wed Jul 10
6:00 pm -
8:00 pm
700 Stewart Avenue, 2nd floor, Garden City
Maintaining Privacy in a Very Public Weight Loss


If you are like many that have struggled with your weight, then you know how it is a sensitive subject. When you start losing weight and it becomes noticeable, people are going to see it. You will begin to get questions like ‘You look like you’ve lost weight, what are you doing?’.  Some of us are open and comfortable with our weight loss stories while others find it a personal matter. During this support group, we will discuss common questions others ask about our weight loss as well as alternative responses to those questions.

After this support group, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the pros and cons of maintaining privacy about your weight.
  2. Discuss alternative responses to common questions about your weight loss.
  3. Discover appropriate boundaries and how to use them.