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The Secret to Making Fitness Stick

Shaping up is about learning how to make fitness a lifestyle routine...improving your body, energy levels and mental wellbeing. Shaping up can be as easy as utilizing a pedometer to increase your daily movement or you could start an exercise program that could include walking, swimming, elliptical, free weights, or even house work. The secret to shaping up and fitness is about finding activities you enjoy as well as movement that feels good on your body. If you can walk away from an enjoyable workout injury free and feeling energized, you may have just jump started a life-long habit!

How to make exercise part of your life so if you do not do it, you miss it.
Why not getting enough sleep wreaks havoc on your weight.
Discover the top tool to strengthen your willpower.
Wholesome foods to power your mind and body.
This idea will make you fall in love with fitness.
Easy way to stop craving donuts!
Ways to make the refrigerator stop calling your name.
Items that sabotage your salad.
Are you really hungry or is it thirst?